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Leather furniture cleaning service in Chicago

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Leather furniture cleaning service in Chicago

Leather furniture is permanent symbol of premier lifestyle. It is a popular choice for many living rooms in terms of aesthetics and elegance. Leather is a natural material which requires regular professional cleaning. Expert cleaning service maintains normal moisturizing and softness of leather preventing from drying and aging. Our leather furniture cleaning technique includes cleaning and conditioning. We use professional leather cleaners and protectors to restore original tenderness and softness. Our qualified team applies most suitable leather cleaning system to make your leather couch or sofa appealing again.

Leather furniture cleaning service is based on professional principles.

how it works:

Our cleaning team strongly observes company standards and specially designed cleaning technique. Inspection of type of upholstery, problem areas and selecting the most suitable cleaning approach is the preliminary step.

  1. Leather is being carefully wiped to remove dust and any hard particles which could damage leather during cleaning service. Leather is being prepared for cleaning.
  2. Leather is being treated by professional cleaners to wipe out damaging soils, dirt and stains. It is a manual process with use of soft sponges. Leather is cleaned carefully and thoroughly.
  3. Clean leather furniture needs to be moisturized. Expert conditioner is made purely from emulsifying tanning oils leaving no oily residue but shiny and lubricated look.

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What is the cleaning method for leather furniture cleaning?

Leather furniture is performed manually using professional sponges and leather cleaners and conditioners. Hence it is a manual procedure – it is absolutely safe.

Do we clean white leather furniture?

Yes, we provide white leather furniture cleaning. Stain removal for white leather can be a complicated procedure because of leather natural origin. We have wide range of professional cleaning solutions to assist every particular case.


Furniture cleaning requires special approach and professional knowledge. That is why cleaning services are confided to experts.

  • High cleaning standards. We ensure each technician is trained to professionally deal with all type of furniture (leather or upholstery).
  • Modern cleaning equipment. We keep up with all innovative cleaning methods and solutions delivering only certified eco safe products.
  • Convenient appointments. We operate 7 days a week providing same day or advance bookings. Flexibility is our essential value.
  • Free online estimates. No hidden fees.
  • Satisfaction. Our services are delivered so that you enjoy you furniture again. Contact us within 10 days from date of service and we will be more than happy resolve any issue.